How to access (Firefox)

Google Chrome

To access using Firefox the easy way. (Updated)

  1. To access, you will need the following: Firefox, & Exhentai Easy 2 Add-on.
  2. A account is required, so if you don’t have an account then go to and create one.  If you already have one then proceed to the next step.
  3. Just go to and the login will show.  Enter your login information, click Remember Me, and click Sign In.
  4. Thats it. You now have access to

To access using Firefox with cookies (Semi-Updated)

  1. To access, you will need the following: Firefox, Advanced Cookie Manager Add-on, & Text Editor.
  2. After you have gotten the Add-on from Mozilla’s Add-on section or from above link, go to and sign up or login. (If you access this site on a regular basis, do not use private browsing mode as it will erase the edited cookies that we will add)
  3. Now that you logged in to, open Advanced Cookie Manager by clicking the CM in the bottom right corner.
  4. Click on export so we can have a text copy of the cookies. (Name the file whatever. ie: mmmmcookies.txt)
  5. Now open .txt or double click on the file in the location that you used to save it and find “”.
  6. Now replace “” to “” from all the cookies it contains. (An easy way to do this is to push Ctrl+H and put “” into the Find and put “” into the Replace and click Replace All. Button combinations may very from country to country.) (Don’t forget to remove the quotes)
  7. Now save the updated text file and in Advanced Cookie Manager, click Import and import the edited cookie file list.

The new cookies will be made by the program and will create all the new cookies in the url selection.

To access using Firefox without signing up (Out-Dated)

  • has updated their cookie checking rules to verify the ipb_member_id and the ipb_pass_hash.  This means the user id “1” and its password “1” is no longer valid.  Due to today’s security risks I will not be posting my ipb_member_id and ipb_pass_hash.  If anyone would like to share theirs to update this method then please post it in a comment and I will get to you as soon as I can.
  1. You will need Firefox, Advanced Cookie Manager Add-on, & Text Editor
  2. Open Advanced Cookie Manger by clicking the CM in the bottom right corner of Firefox
  3. Click export to make a text copy of the cookies. (Again please do not use Private Browsing Mode unless you want to do this over and over, and make sure the export saved as a .txt document)
  4. Open the text document that you exported and type or copy the following into it:
  5. TRUE / FALSE 1363706335 ipb_member_id 1 TRUE / FALSE 1363706335 ipb_pass_hash 1
  6. Save the text file, <name>.txt, and now in Advanced Cookie Manager click import and import your saved cookie text file that we edited.
  7. Now you have access to

The ExHentai Easy plugin is made by Haruhichan. Download Free Anime.


46 responses to “How to access (Firefox)

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  3. I still can’t get this to work. The problem is that the Firefox add-in manager says that the add-on can’t be added because it appears to be corrupt. I downloaded it from Haruhichan three times, deleting the old file before downloading again, but the add-in will not work. Is there any other source for it?

  4. Thanks. I’ll try Chrome since it’s on my new PC.

    By the way, can you remove the December 9, 2012 comment? I was 80% asleep and used the “wrong” name, if you get my drift.

    Thanks again.

  5. Under firefox, the Exhentai Easy Add-On doesn’t work (for me at least). Use the manual cookie editing procedure instead (and make sure the Exhentai Easy Add-On is removed and disabled)

  6. u dont need to download any addons to get into exhentai all u need to do is log into g.e-hentai then ur fine….

  7. I know this probably isn’t likely, but is there any way of accessing exhentai from a mobile device? u_u”

    • I dont think its impossible to do it on a mobile device such as a tablet, or smartphone. The only way i can think of is to see if you can find cookie manager or editor just like the method you can use on desktops. Android smartphones/tablets will probably be easier to find a cookie manager or editor being that its basically Linux. Apple iDevices are harder to find on because of Apples strict permissions in the App Store, but if you have a jailbroken iDevice there may be one in Cydia. Now when it comes to Windows phones, i dont even think there will be one but if there is then correct me. That would be the only thing i can think off that may work. Other people may have other ways and stuff. If you do find a app that would work then feel free to post the app name, and which smartphone(iDevice,Android,Windows) its on so you can also help other people. Hope this help and good luck.

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  9. Had to leave a comment,
    THANKS! The first method was no good, but the second went without a hitch!
    I’ve been trying everything without any progress until i found this page.

    • Write every name with .txt. Then when you wanted it imported it will be there.Or you need to give your PC a rest,mine always have the problem to not responding everytime I import a an edit txt.

  10. A simple way to do it is via Cookies Manager+. I haven’t used the other cookie manager listed, but exporting/importing cookies makes you do unnecessary work.

    Instead, get Cookies Manager+, and at Step 3 in “To access using Firefox with cookies,” scroll to each e-hentai cookie. Then do the following on each of the three e-hentai cookies in turn:

    1 Edit e-hentai to exhentai (as mentioned above)
    2 Select “Save as new,” not “Save.” I don’t think you want to delete or overwrite the e-hentai cookies, you just want to get new exhentai cookies.

  11. Wow, I was kinda scared for a little while. I had been relying on the addon for a while, but then I updated to the newest Waterfox and haven’t been able to access the site at all. This cookie manager thing is really nice.

  12. I’ve made it past the panda, but I’m still getting blocked off from some of the galleries. I followed the steps for chrome without signing up. I found that the numbers you put in the cookies doesn’t matter as long as it has ten digits. Still can’t find a way past the fjords, a little help here?

    Still thanks for getting me past the panda! 🙂

  13. The first method (using the ExHentai add-on) was the easiest by far, and that’s what I used. Thank you very much for your help!

  14. ahh is a shame none of this methods are working for me, can import the cookies but the sad panda is still there, even trying deleting all the cookies then login in e-hentai and later trying exhentai with not luck, the “easy addon” is not doing anything >_>, do u have any other method that i could try?

  15. I seem to be encountering a problem friend.Before this,I could access Exhentai no problem with the tutorial you given here,but now,I can’t access it.It always send me back to Sad Panda even though I have a lot of page bookmarked.

    Now,I can’t access it again even repeating your tutorial and even deleting my cookies,what do I do?

  16. Does someone have idea why when i try to use my login and password on its going back to the same site?

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