How to access (Google Chrome)


To access using Google Chrome the easy way. (Updated)

  1. To access, you will need the following: Google Chrome, & Exhentai Easy 2 Add-on.
  2. A account is required, so if you don’t have an account then go to and create one.  If you already have one then proceed to the next step.
  3. Just go to and the login will show.  Enter your login information, click Remember Me, and click Sign In.
  4. Thats it. You now have access to

To access using Google Chrome and Cookies. (Semi-Updated)

  1. To access, you will need the following: Google Chrome, & Edit This Cookie Add-on.
  2. After you have gotten the Add-on from Google Chromes Web Store, go to and sign up or login. (If you do not want to signup, then go to end of this howto.)
  3. Now that you logged in to, open Edit This Cookie by clicking the cookie in the top right hand corner. (You will need a text editor program for the next part)
  4. You will see a trash can, a refresh button, a + sign, arrow point to a box, arrow pointing away from a box, a search button, and a wrench for settings. Make sure you are still at and click on the button with the arrow pointing out of the box.  This will copy the current cookies to the clipboard.
  5. Open your text editor program such as Notepad and paste the copied cookies.
  6. Replace all of “” with “”. (An easy way to do this is push Ctrl+H and put “” in the Find section and put “” in the Replace section and click Replace All)
  7. Now you will want to select everything and copy it. (An easy way to do this is push Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C)
  8. Go back to chrome and click on the cookie again to bring the menu up and this time you will want to click on the arrow pointing towards the box so we can import the new cookies.
  9. Paste the text we copied in to the box and click the green check mark at the bottom of the window.
  10. Go to
  11. You now have access to Exhentai!

To access using Google Chrome without signing up (Out-Dated)

  • has updated their cookie checking rules to verify the ipb_member_id and the ipb_pass_hash.  This means the user id “1” and its password “1” is no longer valid.  Due to today’s security risks I will not be posting my ipb_member_id and ipb_pass_hash.  If anyone would like to share theirs to update this method then please post it in a comment and I will get to you as soon as I can.
  1. You will need Google Chrome, Edit This Cookie Add-on.
  2. After you have gotten the Add-on, go to
  3. Now open Edit This Cookie by clicking the cookie in the top-right hand corner.
  4. Click on Add a new cookie on the top.
  5. Now for the name type in “ipb_member_id” and for the value type in “1363706335”. Uncheck Session if checked and click Submit cookie changes.
  6. Again click Add a new cookie and for the name type in “ipb_pass_hash” and for the value type in “1363706335”. Uncheck Session if checked and click Submit Cookie Changes.
  7. Now refresh the page or press F5 and you now have access to

The ExHentai Easy plugin is made by Haruhichan. Download Free Anime.

45 responses to “How to access (Google Chrome)

  1. It worked well. thank you
    In korea, ‘exhentai’ site was not well known
    So I can’t find how to remove sad panda image in korean sites
    Cause explicit explain, finally I excess hentai site without translation problem.

    Stalin bless you

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  3. The anonymous login ID/Hash worked for me, but nothing else did… and I tried everything… and I mean everything. I still can’t access the fjords with my own account, which seriously sucks.

  4. It’s not working for me, I don’t see any information on what the values for what the cookies are supposed to be.

  5. holy shit thank you so much, the site for the extension is down and I tried to use the source given by the creator but fail miserably, but this works out fine! thank you!!

  6. The chrome version does not and will not work. This tutorial is not descriptive enough. 3/10 Needs more work.

  7. I think im idiot, i type my username and password but it appears in red “Unknown Error #1” and doesnt log me in. I have my account, i deleted the cookies, i dont know what the fuck i did wrong.

  8. This is a milestone.

    Korea-Feminist department blocked at all korean ISP

    All koreans are have to use vpn in order to use exhentai service

  9. It worked, thanks for that but, whenever i try to access the galleries that are normally banned because they contain loli etc. it still says ”This gallery is pining for the fjords.
    You will be redirected to the front page momentarily.” can someone help me with that please.

  10. Damn i still can’t connect! created account and did everything possible, it still doesn’t connect! i tried both the first paths.

  11. None of the methods are working for me, whenever I use the SadPanda plugin to sign in with my account, it says the account does not exist.

  12. I did everything what it said, and it still won’t let me. It says Error: No account exists with name “Username”. I already made an e-hentai account, so whats the problem?

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  14. Hey i found the real way to get access but will require you guys to wait.So my way that worked is to delete all the cookies (If you dont have access to it,dhu) and go create an account on E-Hentai gallery,log on for 5 sec everyday for about a week (for me) or two (Maybe).After you‘ve done that for about a week you‘ll have access. I JUST WANT TO SAY BEFOREHAND I DO NOT OWN THE SITE AND ONLY SHARE THE WAY IT WORKED FOR ME. I DO NOT KNOW IF THE OWNER OF EX. HAS A SORT OF MULTIPLE WAY TO GO IN BUT GIVE ONLY ONE OF THEM TO EACH ACCOUNT.With that said,if you guys can give me some feedback if it works or no,if it does for some and doesn’t for the others is that my idea of multiple things to do,but only one per account is real.So yeah,good fapping

  15. I got the xhentai 2 chrome addon, went to, and I put my log in down.
    And nothing happens.
    When I put in the right log in, I get an incorrect login error, but when I put the right stuff down, nothing. Nothing happens.
    I’m trying to do it the hard way now, but cookie editor’s taking like ten years to download, so I figured I’d ask here.

  16. Thanks man.. I accidentally deleted all cookies in my Chrome which results to a sad panda picture when I try to go to Exhentai..

    Thanks again and may the Pervert God bless your life and perversion as well.

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  20. well it doesn’t work.
    i used the easy way. installed extension, made a new e-hentai account, logged in. green box appeared on the bottom-right corner, saying “you are now logged in!”
    then? panda again. it doesn’t work…

  21. “To access using Google Chrome and Cookies” – works fine for me! Just be aware that you replace all (auto search does sometimes not find it!) “” with “” in cookie-editor.

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